Group Territory

Smart Vehicle

From vehicle design, research and development, component manufacturing, vehicle branding, to sales channel, Yulon is dedicated to building a mobile lifestyle that belongs to the people of Taiwan. In the future, it will base on the four key strategies, namely electrification, intellectualization, connectivity and sharing, actively invest in the manufacturing technologies of electric vehicles and key components, grasping the key of mobile lifestyle in future cities.

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Auto Finance

Starting from the automobile supply chain, it will integrate with financing, insurance, peripheral, repair and maintenance, leasing, used car trading and roadside assistance. In recent years, it also actively invests in building car and scooter charging piles, and participates in solar photovoltaic financing, linking the endless possibilities of mobile lifestyle in the “transportation value chain”, and laying the foundation of mobile lifestyle in future cities.

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Tai Yuen Textile, together with Diamond Hosiery & Thread and Carnival Industrial Corporation, builds an integrated production and sales system that comprises spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, apparel and sales channel. To cater to the needs of Taiwan’s industrial transformation and the Group’s sustainable development, we fully target the three major markets, the high-end, affordable and high-frequency consumption markets.

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Upholding the vision of a smart city, and centering around mobile lifestyle, we make use of the Group’s land resources to build integrated and futuristic multi-purpose malls, industrial parks, plants and high-end residential properties. Representative works: Taiyuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Xindian’s Yulong City.

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A new possibility of connecting people, vehicle and life

Since its establishment in 1951, Yulon Group has always adopted a “people-oriented” approach, and values mutual benefit with the society, together witnessing the transformation and progress of Taiwan’s economy. In the future, we’re committed to building a mobile ecosystem in smart living that connects the goodness of people, vehicle and life.


CEO Message

People-oriented, pursuit of excellence, giving back to society

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Yen Chen, Li Lien


Yulon Group is a well-established large corporation in Taiwan, with more than a hundred companies covering domains such as smart vehicle, auto finance and auto-related services, textile and fashion, and construction and lifestyle, dedicated to building a mobile ecosystem for smart living.

In terms of new energy vehicles, it aims to achieve the four key objectives, namely electrification, intellectualization, connectivity and sharing, with a brand new open platform strategy.

In terms of the green energy industry, it adheres to the philosophy of sustainable development, and actively invests in renewable energy and energy storage infrastructure, contributing to the global goal of net zero carbon emission.


In 1949, the Group’s founder, Mr. Ching-Ling Yen, together with Madam Vivian Wu Yen, came to Taiwan and purchased land in Zhubei to build a plant and set up Tai Yuen Textile Co.


In 1951, Tai Yuen Textile Co. was officially established, focusing on cotton spinning and weaving business, laying the foundation of the people's livelihood industry in Taiwan.


In 1953, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. was set up, specializing in car manufacturing and sale.


In 1956, Taiwan’s first jeep was manufactured, causing a sensation in Taiwan. Subsequently, technical contracts were signed with the United States and Japan, marking the beginning of Yulon’s venture into the automobile industry.


In 1960, Yulon was officially renamed, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd., and launched Taiwan’s first domestically manufactured sedan, “Bluebird”. It then continued to invest and expand the plant.


In 1965, Mr. Ching-Ling Yen established Yulon basketball team, Taiwan’s first Division A basketball team set up by an enterprise.


In 1969, in response to Taiwan’s booming business and industrial development, it established China Motor Corp. for the manufacturing of commercial vehicles, accelerating the revitalization of the country’s economy.


While continuing to grow and strive, Yulon never forgets to give back to Taiwan. In 1972, it set up “Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Development Foundation” and “Yen Tjing Ling Medical Foundation”, and actively participated in charity events, promoting the exchange between the industry and society.


As Taiwan’s economic policies move towards internationalization and liberalization, “Yulon Engineering Center” was set up in 1981, actively engaging in automobile design and development. It successfully launched Feeling 101 and Varica classic car models, setting the foundation of Taiwan’s domestic car brand.


In 1995, it promoted the combined office and plant project, re-integrated resources of its subsidiaries, set the Group’s overall development directions and strategies, and actively engaged in diversified operations of manufacturing, branding and finance business entities, leading the entire Yulon Group in moving forward steadily.


In 2005, Yulon Motor invested in the establishment of Hua-chuang Automobile Information, integrating the research and development foundation and mobile technologies of the engineering center in the past 30 years, paving the way for building its own automotive brand.


In 2008, Yulon Group launched Taiwan’s first automotive brand, “LUXGEN”, which was successfully exported to various countries in 2010, marking its entry into the global automotive market.


While launching Taiwan’s domestic brand to the world, Yulon Group continued to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. In 2018, its innovative charity transportation model, with the theme, “Happy Wheels”, was selected the “Five Major Innovative Connectivity Project” of the year by APEC Policy Planning Group, as well as awarded Svayam Accessibility Awards in TRANSED Conference.


In 2020, Yulon Group integrated its four major business sectors to develop new energy vehicles and green energy industry, and formed a joint venture, “Foxtron Vehicle Technologies”, with Foxconn, establishing an electric vehicle platform, MIH, with the characteristics of open specifications and flexible modules.